Can Business Be Taught?

Growing up, Naval Ravikant would often pass by a local pizza parlor with his mother and tell her what they were doing wrong. They would either be selling their slices with the wrong toppings, or their process of ordering was not the way Naval thought it should be. So when Naval told his friend that he was going to be an astrophysicist, his mother interrupted their conversation and told Naval that he wasn’t, that he was instead going to go into business. Her observations of young Naval, junior consultant, made her realize that he was more commercially minded.

Naval always wanted to make money for as long as he could remember. After all, that’s what growing up poor can easily do to a person. Naval managed to graduate from Dartmouth College with degrees in Computer Science and Economics, and after he entered the workforce as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, quickly had his sights set elsewhere. It was a place filled with people that were just as business curious, commercially minded, and entrepreneurial. It was Silicon Valley.

Pt. 2 coming tomorrow.


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