Expressing the Laws of Thermodynamics

I’ve been falling behind on my preferred source materials which has made me scramble for quicker, more digestible articles like the one yesterday about Octopus Energy. Tonight will be a quick post so I can hit the reset button and get back to the books I’ve been reading and (hopefully) more primary source material for my writings.

With that said, it’s pretty interesting the different ways the four laws of thermodynamics have been written (just try Googling them). Here’s my favorite version of the first two from Rudolf Clausius, written in 18651:

“The energy of the universe is constant.

The entropy of the universe tends towards a maximum.”

It’s amazing when the fate of the universe can be distilled into simple, yet elegant statements like these.


  1. Excerpt taken from Thermodynamic Weirdness by Don S. Lemons


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