How Electricity Generation Really Works

Grady Hillhouse is a gift to humanity.

Since I started working in bitcoin mining, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for infrastructure. Every day I probably pass by at least half a dozen feats of engineering in the form of substations, natural gas pipelines, transmission lines, plumbing, bridges, etc. that might as well be magic. But Grady Hillhouse, the mastermind behind the YouTube channel Practical Engineering (and a professional civil engineer himself), does an amazing job at explaining how most of this stuff actually works.

When it comes to energy infrastructure, I highly recommend his video, How Electricity Generation Really Works. He explains the basic parts of a generator while also providing a high level overview of how most electricity is produced (hint: it’s the same way coal is used to make electricity).

If you’re a non-engineer that has ever looked up at a transmission line and thought, “What the hell is on that pole?”, or thought that about any human-made structure around you, then I think you’ll really enjoy Grady’s YouTube channel. The best part about most of his videos is looking at the comments section and seeing all the actual engineers praise him for being able to explain their work in layman’s terms. Energy, infrastructure, and engineering are all incredibly complicated topics, so appreciation goes out to all the Grady Hillhouses of the world that can make these topics a bit more approachable.


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