30 Days of Writing

When I decided to take writing more seriously last year, I joined Dickie Bush’s first Ship 30 for 30 cohort. Writing every day for 30 days straight taught me the value of consistency, and it also opened me up to new ways of writing I had resisted in the past. I realized I was a perfectionist in my writing — trying to both draft and edit at the same time. When publishing a piece every single day for 30 days straight, I quickly learned the value of draft first, edit second (hint: avoid the backspace key at all costs).

There was something else Ship 30 taught me — that writing is also learning. I wrote about crypto during that first cohort, and much of the later work that stemmed from those foundations helped me land a job at US Bitcoin Corp only a few months later. Crypto has a high learning curve due to its rich history and inherent complexities, and yet writing about it gave me knowledge at a much quicker pace than had I not written about it. If you don’t know a subject, write about it.

That’s why I’m going to spend the next 30 days writing about energy. I just don’t know as much about it as I would like to. But it’s a ripe time to learn. Europe is going through an energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine, and much of the world has committed to transitioning off fossil fuels, yielding significant challenges that are under appreciated by many. Perhaps most importantly, I work in bitcoin mining, which is an industry that is being increasingly tied to energy and wholesale power markets. While I have a pretty good grasp on Bitcoin at this point, most energy topics still go above my head. It’s time to change that, or at least that’s my goal.


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